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Here Are 6 Great Ways To Regain Your Shape After Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women have a tendency to gain weight. It’s not just because of the cravings. They also need to eat more for the baby that is inside their womb. But after giving birth, they find themselves with excess pounds that they are dying to get rid of. This...

10 Benefits of Hydrotherapy to Pregnancy

Looking for effective ways to accommodate your growing baby bump? Look no further, Aquatic exercise is one of the safest, most efficient forms of exercises out there!

Prenatal Yoga & its Benefits

Prenatal Yoga is simple, effective and most of all beneficial to both the mind and body. Experience the wonderful advantages of yoga during pregnancy as it brings about relaxation with gentle movements, stretching and breathing techniques.

Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019 Pageant

The first ever, “Celebrating Beautiful Mums 2019” (“CBM”) is a major event that is part Beauty Pageant and part Mini Baby Fair organised by BMB and its partners. As part of BMB’s 10th Anniversary, the pageant will stretch from 6 September to 27 October 2019.

The Nurturing Touch of Baby Massage

What is Baby (Infant) Massage? Baby massage is an ancient art that connects you deeply with your baby.  It helps you to understand baby’s particular non-verbal language and allow for your baby to respond with love and understanding. It gives you the technique to...


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