Hear from our past clients! 

Thankful for the wonderful experience. Never have I dreamt to be part of a pageant, while being pregnant! Taught me a lot of things throughout this short journey!

Doesn’t matter which state you are in life but fully embrace and enjoy what’s upcoming. Thru this journey, Im thankful my hubby @benpoh.505 for supporting me wholeheartedly. My own family @stersterrr and parents in law @chinsally3 for being there thru out the whole day! And all my amazing friends who came down😍😍😍 Its amazing to see how mummies/mummies to be clicking off so well during our first meet up. We can talk non stop and discuss everything under the sun. And that’s how mums support mums.

In short, to embrace yourself with love and confidence with support from families and friends, the friendships and joy when mummies gather together.
I’m finally crowned as Mrs Influential Mum 2019! 👋🏼 And lastly would love to thank the organisers and everyone that made this happen!
@beautymumsnbabies for celebrating 10th anniversary!
@milkywayfamily for the amazing dress. I love how their material is so soft and it’s all handmade in Singapore! #supportlocal
@thecentrestageig for dolling me up.
@ashleylowphotography for capturing all those precious moments.
@funfitbirth for teaching me so many important skills on childbirth!
And the sponsors @comehometofood.sg @theladiescue @pigeonsingapore @jewkit @liloikanbilis @littlebearnie @inspiremum @elkalisg @kenneth_motherindustrialist @opwmedia @offspringsingapore @my_print_shop @createmoments.co @curatedbysuz @theasianparent @mdmlingbakery @13thirteensg @ladyrafflesint @sgsupernanny
Yes number 2 is coming!!!! Embracing it 😂


– Eunice Tan, Mrs Influential 2019 of Mrs Beautiful Bump 2019, Mum-to-be of 1 [@eunicekittytan]

never thought I’d find courage to join a beauty pageant but you are allowed to embrace your motherhood body in this contest and 🤭 be fat. .

took a leap of faith right before my birthday and joined Mrs Beautiful Bump 2019. .

I had so much fun; met a bunch of beautiful mummies who are going thru all the joys and pains of pregnancy like me. everyone simply clicked instantly in the same “entering motherhood” frequency. .

once again, happy 10th anniversary @beautymumsnbabies and congratulations on the successful event! my family enjoyed themselves thoroughly (they were so busy buying all the cookies, juices and idk what else at the booths 😂). .

thank you, my beloved family for giving me endless support and love during my pregnancy thus far, and came to support me at this event. I love u guys xx

here, presenting to you – 1st runner up of Mrs Beautiful Bump 2019 (probably the only pageant I will ever join 🙈)


– Nadia Ko, 1st Runner Up of Mrs Beautiful Bump 2019, Mum-to-be of 1 [@nanachronicle]

“Rub those tensions away… @beautymumsnbabies 

Yes, prenatal massages are safe for pregnant mums, & are effective at getting those knots un-knotted especially in the back and legs area!”

– Jauz Chen, Mrs Beautiful Bump 2019, Mother of 3 [@jauzchen]

“Every single soul on this earth is brought to life by a Woman. To all gorgeous ladies Happy International Women’s Day.
Be True, Be proud and Be Pampered. .
@beautymumsnbabies pampered me with a postpartum massage. Tummy all wrapped up and feeling good after the session. Thanks for the much needed massage.”

– Mindee Ong, Actress, Mother of 2 [@mindeeong]

“[PROMO] new announcement our dear readers and followers! For the month of May & June, get 50% off any ala carte services from our friends @beautymumsnbabies in Paragon including trial session! .
We just completed our pre natal massage package today as we have reached our #35weeks, in one more month to go, we can’t wait to try out their post natal massage package! Have you got yours yet? Hurry sign up too!

– Ruby Liang, Family Staycation SG Blogger, Mother of 2 [@familystaysg]


My highlight of every week is a wonderful prenatal massage! Came here for my first pregnancy too!”

– Libby, Mother of 3 [@littlebowgirls]

“All ready for my post-natal massage by (BMB) Beauty.Mums and Babies!

– Datin Sri Adelyne Velvet, Mrs Singapore SE Asia 2013, Mother of 2 [@adelynevelvet]

“Had the privilege to try out this LPG machine. All you natural beauty lovers need to give this a go!





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