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Let’s all stay safe and sound by sharing what we can do to protect our loved ones. Receive complimentary wet wipes or mosquito repellent patches when you purchase any of our special bundles today! *While stocks last.

Until 29 February 2020.

*Included items are strictly non-exchangeable. Terms & conditions apply.

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Grab your massages for your or your little one with these special offers. For our breastfeeding mummies, here’s a trial you can get on-board with!

What’s Organic Mother’s Milk® Tea & Lemon Chews?

If you decide that breastfeeding is right for you and your child, our herbal products can help. New mothers have been using herbs for thousands of years to support healthy lactation and breast milk production.* Herbalists call these herbs “galactagogues”—a word derived from Greek, meaning “bringer of milk.”

Our Mother’s Milk® tea(s and lemon chews are) formulated with galactagogues to support healthy lactation and milk production in nursing mothers.*

A Peek Inside: Mother’s Milk


For your little ones, give them the gift of health with our special offer for newborns:


What’s Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water?

A gentle herbal remedy to ease baby’s tummy troubles and fussiness. #1 selling supplement for infant gas & colic relief, designed by moms for baby’s sensitive palate, made with organic ginger and fennel, no added sugar, no alcohol, no artificial flavors or colors, and free of the top 8 allergens.

Mommy’s Bliss





Terms and conditions:

  • For new and existing customers.
  • Strictly by appointment basis only.
  • All packages carry a 1-year validity.
  • One-time purchase per customer is allowed.
  • Included items are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Prenatal clients must be between 20 to 36 weeks.
  • Lactation massage and Postnatal Massage does not include home-service.
  • Not valid with other promotions and discounts



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