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[Small PuKong] Shampoo and Hair Care Products


Are you facing postpartum hair loss or split ends problems? Give Small PuKong a try now! 😉

*Minimum spend of $500 required to be eligible for Pace instalment.


Some people say that hair is like the second face of women. Before deciding on a hairstyle, it is important to make sure that you have a healthy, bushy, beautiful and shiny hair.

Small PuKong products do not contain any silicone or harsh ingredients. NO SLS and paraben free. Small Pukong haircare series was developed by the world top scientific research team and has received many international honor certificates. Small PuKong only uses high quality Amino Acids imported from Japan (in collaboration with Kao of Japan)

Post partum mums often experience intense hairloss due to the change in hormones level. Small PuKong Ginger Root Shampoo are perfect for this these group of mummies. It is good to follow up the shampoo with Small PuKong Dandelion Daily Treatment Hair Mask. This Hair Mask make use of small molecules technology which enable the inside-out repairs to take place.
Besides the two essential hair care products, BMB also encourage to complement the hair care routine with Small PuKong Hair Essence and Protein Moisturizer Spray. The hair essence also encompasses small molecular technology that allow nutrient to be absorbed readily upon application to repair damage hair and to enhance hair tenacity. Protein Moisturizer Spray contains rich nutrients that can moisturizer hair and to form a protection layer against Uv light and static.

  1. Ginger Root Shampoo – 300ml
    Contained Ginger root extract, dandelion and other plant essence. Gently cleanses hair & scalp  while adjusting the balance of water and oil. It also contained Amino Acid extract that moisturizes hair.Suitable for:
    ▪️Oily Scalp
    ▪️Postpartum Hairloss

  2. Daily Treatment Hair Mask – 300ml
    Contained more than 7 plant extracts. Make use of Patented small molecules technology to penetrate nutrients deep into hair. Increase the efficiency of hair nourishes hair with botanical essences.Suitable for:
    ▪️Chemically treated and damaged hair (Dyed hair/ Bleached hair/ Permed hair)
    ▪️Dry/ Frizzy hair
  3. Dandelion Amino Acid Essence – 100ml
    Contained various plant extracts and amino acid, combined with nano molecules technology, nutrients gets instantly absorbed by the hair upon application. The essence reinforces the benefits of the treatment and does repairing of damaged hair, enhancing hair tenacity, and taming of fizzy hair with its light and greaseless formula. The amino acids in collagen to build hair proteins and prevents hair follicle damage and greying.
  4. Protein Moisturizer Spray – 150ml
    Contained protein collagen essence and plant extract essence to nourish our hair and to prevent more damage from surrounding elements (UV and static)Suitable for
    ▪️Outdoor going kids and adults.

4 Steps

  • Ginger Root Shampoo – 300ml
  • Daily Treatment Hair Mask – 300ml
  • Dandelion Amino Acid Essence – 100ml
  • Protein Moisturizer Spray – 150ml


!! Warning!!: Products’ usage method and other important information are printed on the packaging. Do read before using.

**NO Delivery provided, strictly collection at our spa at Paragon**

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