Fuss-free body cleanse at just $49!


Get back in shape – effortlessly – from just $49 per session (U.P. $180 – $380).

With our award-winning slimming treatments, enjoy our slimming and contouring deals, only until 31 Jan 2020.

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    • 49 $
    • 49 $


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    • 45 $


Get back in shape – effortlessly – from just $49 per session (U.P. $180 – $380).

With our award-winning slimming treatments, enjoy our slimming and contouring deals, only until 31 Jan 2020.

LPG Endermologie Lipo Massage: For drainage, slimming & contouring

  • LPG technology stimulates the skin to reactivate deep dormant cellular activity. Once awakened, these cells are able to change the skin from within for visible slimming, body contouring and anti-aging results.The treatment is highly customizable to your targeted needs. A bespoke LPG treatment will be created for releasing fat, filling wrinkles or re-densifying skin.Natural method for lifting sagging skin and reducing cellulite and fat on thighs, arms and stomach.Benefits:
    • Non-invasive
    • All-natural body slimming and contouring
    • Gentle and non-aggressive


INDIBA® Deep Care Tummy Womb Care Therapy: Deep cell regeneration therapy

  • INDIBA® Deep Care uses a revolutionary new patented radiofrequency technology to regenerate body and skin tissues. The Proionic®radiofrequency stimulates and activates body tissues to perform at their optimal level.

    INDIBA® Deep Care improves blood and oxygen flow through body tissues, encouraging cellular regeneration and increasing metabolism. With improvement in oxygen flow, the deep fat cells quickly lose volume, waste products are drained from the body and toxins and liquid retention is reduced. Hyperactivation of the body also increases the synthesis of collagen and elasticin.

    This treatment produces a dramatic improvement of skin laxity, moisture, smoothness and regeneration. The treatments are short and effective.

    The treatment is effective for:

    • Wound drainage:
      Accelerated healing of wounds
    • Skin Tightening:Double chin correction
      Improving skin laxity on face, neck and body
    • Body Contouring:
      Abdomen, thighs and buttocks reduction
      Upper arms tightening
      Postpartum body contouring
    • Cellulite Reduction:
      Reduction of fatty nodules



    • Non-invasive treatment
    • Comfortable and painless
    • Short duration
    • Proionic radiofrequency is completely harmless to the human body



Advanced BodySculptor® Treatment: Treats inner (visceral) fats for better results

  • The unique technology to reshape the body, firm the skin and reduce the cellulite. Generating a BioEnergetic field that is completely harmless for the skin and organism, the BodySculptor stimulates the calcium channels of the muscle membranes causing imperceptible muscle contractions, inducing energy consumption which stimulates the breakdown of adipose cells.
    This treatment helps with reduction of cellulite, reduced volume in areas with fat deposits and improved skin firmness. The stimulating properties of the BodySculptor are accompanied by a clear sensation of muscle relaxation, bringing an improvement in general tone and well-being.


    • Aesthetic slimming devices
    • 100% hands-free
    • Non-invasive and totally painless
    • Uses unique & patented aesthetic and medical technology: BioStimology®





Terms and conditions:

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  • All packages carry a 1-year validity.
  • Only one-time purchase per customer is allowed. If you require more than 1 voucher to present as a gift to a loved one, please visit our Customizable Gift Voucher page.
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