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Offers are extended until 30 June 2020 only.

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You can’t find lower deals with us – book directly with Beauty Mums & Babies and enjoy greater savings!

Mummies, daddies, parents-to-be, rejoice! Enjoy our Signature Prenatal Massages, relax with our Postnatal Massages, boost your milk flow with our Lactation Massages and have some fun quality time with your little one with our Baby Massages from just $39.00!

*Due to the circuit-breaker imposed by the Singapore government, our home-service services will be temporarily unavailable beyond 1 June 2020. Clients are encouraged to make advanced bookings with us. All purchases will be given an extension to the validity of 12 months, unless the circuit breaker is extended.

Prenatal Series

Pre-natal massage gives special attention to mothers-to-be as their bodies are challenged, changed and stressed during pregnancy. Integrating traditional massage elements with spiraling movements to ground and uplift, our pre-natal massages will relieve a mummy’s body of stress and nurture the new life that grows within her.

Postnatal Series

A post-natal body massage is a wonderful way to heal and ease the discomfort following your pregnancy and delivery. Our proprietary massage with Javanese and Meridian wraps effectively decreases swelling, relieves pain and regulates hormones. This promotes total womb wellness and helps new mothers to a speedy recovery from delivery – normal or caesarean. All *home-service packages include transportation, oil and beng kung wrap. Massage beds are subject to availability. Additional charges apply.

Lactation Series

Some mummies may have trouble maintaining a good milk flow, while others may face swollen, painful breasts. Our unique and effective Lactation Massage will improve circulatory flow and aid in the production of ample milk supply. All lactation *home-service packages include transportation. Massage beds are subject to availability. Additional charges apply.

Baby Series

Combing Western and Chinese massage techniques, your baby will enjoy a unique and beneficial massage experience. Highly recommended for babies between 0 to 6 months, but babies over the age of 6 months will also benefit from this experience.


Studio photoshoot bundles are in collaboration with Shine&I.



Terms and conditions:

  • *Home-service is available at $30 per session for Prenatal and Baby Massages.
  • Strictly for new and existing customers of BMB.
  • Strictly by appointment basis only. Kindly contact us at 6235 0688 to book your appointments in advance.
  • All packages carry a 1-year validity. (before 12-month extension)
  • Prenatal Massages first-trial vouchers carry a 2-month validity. (before 12-month extension)
  • Baby Massages first-trial vouchers carry a 6-month validity. (before 12-month extension)
  • Only one-time purchase per customer is allowed. If you require more than 1 voucher to present as a gift to a loved one, please visit our Customizable Gift Voucher page.
  • Prenatal clients must be between 20 to 36 weeks to be eligible for the treatment.
  • Included items are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Not valid with other promotions and discounts.
  • Beauty Mums & Babies reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions stated herein without prior notice.



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