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LPG Lighten Legs | Pregnancy Wellness

Relieve pregnancy swelling naturally with LPG endermologie®️.

Our Endermologie® technology activates your cells in a natural and painless manner. By reawakening your cells through mechanical stimulation, we unlock their full potential, enhancing their natural processes.

With the patented Alliance treatment head, activate your body’s natural elimination functions and enhance circulation 3X, providing effective relief from water retention symptoms.

Benefits of LPG for Pregnancy Wellness

Improved circulation

Improved lymphatic drainage promotes better blood circulation, which can ease discomfort and help prevent varicose veins.

Reduced swelling

By encouraging fluid movement and drainage, LPG Cellu M6® treatments can significantly reduce swelling in the legs, feet, and hands and provide relief for tired legs and feet.

Stress relief

Pregnancy can be physically and emotionally taxing. Our LPG Cellu M6® treatment helps release tension, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels.

Enhanced skin elasticity

As the body undergoes changes during pregnancy, maintaining skin elasticity is essential. LPG Cellu M6® can help support skin elasticity and tone in a gentle and non-invasive manner.

100% Natural & Non-Invasive

LPG endermologie®️ treatment stands out as a gentle & effective solution for treating heavy leg and water retention problems. It promotes drainage, improves circulation, and can move up to a liter* of excess water, offering instant relief.

What to Expect

Step 1: Introduction and Consultation

Your session begins with a warm welcome and a thorough consultation. Our experienced therapists will discuss your pregnancy journey and any specific concerns you might have. This helps us tailor the treatment to your unique needs.

Step 2: Gentle LPG Cellu M6® Preparation

You’ll be given an endermowear™ suit for hygiene purposes and be comfortably positioned as we start the LPG Cellu M6® treatment. The non-invasive device, which utilizes mechanostimulation, will be set to a carefully calibrated intensity suitable for expectant mums.

Step 3: Lymphatic Drainage Activation

Our therapists will guide the LPG Cellu M6® device over targeted areas, gently stimulating your lymphatic system. This promotes the natural drainage process, helping to alleviate swelling and enhance overall comfort. The treatment is painless and relaxing.

Step 4: Tailored Comfort and Rejuvenation

As the treatment progresses, you’ll experience the soothing effects of lymphatic drainage. The mechanostimulation also contributes to improved circulation, leaving you feeling lighter and revitalized. Our specialized focus on pregnancy wellness ensures your comfort and safety throughout.

Purchase your session with a peace of mind.

Duration: 30 minutes


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have a problem with water retention. Is endermologie® an effective solution?
Yes, endermologie® treatments stimulate circulatory exchanges to eliminate excess water while providing an immediate and lasting sensation of well-being. Over the course of your sessions, your legs become more streamlined and regain their natural shape while the overall quality of your skin improves.
Do you have discounts or first-trial rates for new mummies-to-be?
We have first-trial rates for first-time customers of BMB. Do enquire with us for the rates.

If you have chosen one of our partner hospitals (Mount Elizabeth Novena/Orchard Hospital or Mount Alvernia), you may be entitled to special discounts with our prenatal, postnatal or lactation packages. Check our Partner page for more information or enquire with us.

Which areas can I target during pregnancy?
During pregnancy, the only effective treatments will be the drainage of the legs as well as anti-aging facial and hand treatments. Please consult your general practitioner beforehand.
Is it painful?
No, the treatment is very pleasant. The settings are customized depending on skin sensitivity. After the first few minutes, you can feel a “cellular awakening” and the acceleration of blood circulation. The skin is re-oxygenated and a feeling of well-being sets in. It is a unique sensory experience!
What are the contraindications?
Strict contraindications to the endermologie® include:
– Cancer in progression
– Infection or skin rash
– Disease with inflammatory eruption
– Anticoagulant treatment
– Blood disease
– Organ transplants (kidney, liver, etc.)
– Kidney failure

People with hypothyroidism, diabetes, or undergoing a long-term corticosteroid treatment respond less well to our treatments. In case of doubt, please consult your general practitioner or your attending physician.

How long will it take to see the first results?
From the very first sessions, your skin is brought back to life! Your skin texture is refined and your skin more supple and radiant thanks to the reactivation of the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The results then keep improving after each session. For quicker results, sessions can be scheduled several times a week at the beginning of the treatment (the fibroblast can be constantly stimulated). The first month is important to trigger the process at the skin level. After that, one session per month is enough. A beauty anti-aging lifestyle to be adopted all year round!
Will the results last?
The best way to answer this question is with a metaphor: exercising two weeks during your summer vacation won’t keep you fit for the rest of the year, will it? The same is true for your endermologie® sessions. During the attack phase (2 sessions per week for 1 month), the goal is to send enough messages to our slimming cells to create a sustainable cellular awakening. In a few weeks, depending on your objectives, the technique will release resistant fat, smooth away cellulite, reshape curves or firm your skin. After this intensive period, it is important to regularly continue to stimulate these cells so they don’t fall back to their old, lethargic habits. The good news is that one session per month is sufficient to reactivate this cellular memory and leverage its slimming and firming effects. Just like physical exercise, endermologie® becomes a new lifestyle.
Why do I need to wear a special endermowear™ suit?
The endermowear™ suit is THE outfit to be worn during a Body endermologie® session. Strictly used for personal use, it guarantees perfect hygiene and its opaque areas respect your privacy during the treatment. The unique composition of the endermowear™ suit provides excellent grab of the skin fold for an even more effective endermologie® session.
Can endermologie® be used as an alternative to liposuction?
Some women consider liposuction as the last resort to get rid of their resistant fat. However, it has been scientifically proven that endermologie® is able to naturally release localized and resistant fat with the additional benefit of reshaping curves, eliminating cellulite and firming the skin. Painless and without any side effects, endermologie® also stands out as the solution of choice in cases where liposuction is not recommended (circulatory disorders, insufficient volume, etc.). However, if liposuction is done, it is strongly recommended to combine the two techniques to optimize results. Before the operation, the sessions prepare and soften the skin tissue to facilitate the surgery. After the operation and if recommended by your surgeon, they facilitate the resorption of edemas and hematomas and effectively improve skin quality. In any case, a comprehensive review should be carried out to determine the best approach to adopt.

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