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Dry and dull skin on bad days – we all have them. But the case may be worse for pregnant mothers. 

Have you begun to notice the skin changes during this time in your life, such as acne, dark patches or heightened sensitivity? The core reason for such changes in the skin is due to the hormonal changes and blood circulation in the body, and these skin conditions usually subside after delivery.

However, that is not to say that they can’t be treated during pregnancy.
First, let us look at the best and most coveted skin change mothers face in their pregnancies: The
pregnancy glow.

Pregnancy Glow

Yes! The best kind of skin change is waking up every day to beautiful and radiant skin. The term “pregnancy glow” holds true for all you new mothers who will be complimented by people on the streets on your glowing skin. During this stage, your skin appears dewy and glowing.

Why does this happen?This is because the process of pregnancy increases the blood circulation and oxygen delivery of the body, leading to increased blood flow and oxygen to your skin and thus making it look glowing and radiant.

Tips to maintain the glowThe pregnancy glow is natural for sure however you can maintain the glow and even enhance it with prenatal facials. Besides facials, face masks work perfectly too! You can apply aloe vera combined with rose water on your skin to keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing. All you need to do is mix 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel with 1 tablespoon of rose water and apply it on your skin. Wash this face mask off after 20 minutes. This face mask will add a boost to your already glowing skin.

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Besides the well-known benefits of having a little bun in your oven, many mums have come forward with the following skin problems following their pregnancies. Let’s take a look at how we can best solve them for clearer, smoother skin:

Mask of Pregnancy

If you begin to notice dark patches appearing on your skin out of nowhere, don’t panic! It is not because of any other condition, it is just one of the effects of pregnancy that shows up on your skin known as Melasma or Chloasma. Why does this happen?During pregnancy, your body goes through an increase in hormone production. This also affects the melanin production (pigmentation) on your skin, leading to dark patches on nose, cheeks, forehead or the area above your upper lips.How to treat it

The first and foremost step is to remember that sunscreen might not entirely stop melasma, but it can reduce its likelihood. Wear SPF 30 sunscreen before you leave your house and reapply it every 2 hours. Choose a sunscreen that is formulated for sensitive skin and is pregnancy safe without any harmful ingredients. Sunscreen is an important part of your skincare that will protect your skin.

Here is a  fun DIY facial you can try – packed with Vitamin C! Mix 1 tablespoon of orange peel powder with 1 tablespoon of rose water to apply on your skin. Wash it off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water to reduce the appearance of the dark patches. The results may not show overnight, but consistency is key.


Acne, pimples or zits is another skin change that you may notice. No one likes having acne, and luckily there are some ways to take care of it. Besides seeking comfort in that it will be subsided after your delivery, seek professional acne treatment or give our DIY facial below a try to keep your inflammation under control in the meantime.Why does this happen?Due to pregnancy, your skin starts to produce more oil resulting in acne and pimples all over your skin. If your skin is already sensitive, the severity of acne is likely to be higher, hence going to a dermatologist and having appropriate a dermatologist-approved skincare routine would help to keep acne at bay.How to treat itIf you want to regulate the oil production on your skin and treat acne at the same time, then you can use a face mask with just one ingredient for all you busy mamas: Apply a thin layer of raw honey on your face and wash it off after 15 minutes for clear and healthy skin.Tip: Raw manuka honey is the best kind of honey for acne.

Stretch Marks

By now you would have heard all around you how pregnancy and stretch marks go hand in hand. The good news is stretch marks are easy to fade if spotted early! Why does this happen?

During pregnancy, your body expands and shrinks, and this causes the underlying skin to stretch. This then leads to the appearance of red or purple lines on your skin. How to treat it

Moisturising is the key to reducing the appearance of stretch marks. You can use store products which are specifically formulated to treat stretch marks or you can use a home remedy.All you need to do is take a mix of vitamin E oil and olive oil and apply it on your stretch marks every day. Slowly you will notice that the stretch marks are fading. 

Ask us about our Stretchmark Repair treatment, a sustained dermal-epidermal restructuring of damaged tissue that improves skin elasticity.

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Sensitive Skin

If you are feeling that your skin is becoming sensitive, then you can make changes in your skincare routine to help you manage sensitive skin.

Why does this happen?

With so many changes your body is going through, especially during the prenatal pregnancy time, it is not surprising that your skin is sensitive. Hence, using dermatologist-recommended products free of fragrances, preservatives and any harsh ingredients is the way to go.

Sensitive skin usually goes away after pregnancy, hence it is best to use minimal products on your skin during this time.How to treat itYou can apply natural aloe vera gel on your skin to calm and soothe your skin. Wash it off after 15 minutes and use this mask twice a week to reveal smoother skin.Varicose VeinsIf you are noticing blue or green coloured veins making an appearance on your skin, especially your legs, this is yet another effect of pregnancy. 

Why does this happen?

This occurs when your body is trying to compensate for the blood that is going to the growing baby. Thus, attempting to regulate the blood circulation of your body is the key to managing Varicose veins.How to treat itThere are no masks or creams for this condition, the secret is in physical exercise.Engage in low to moderate impact workout routine to reduce varicose veins. Also, avoid any vigorous exercises and avoid standing for a long time continuously.

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Aggravation of existing skin conditions

An important point to keep in mind is that during the prenatal pregnancy stage, many skin conditions that you had prior to the pregnancy might show up or be aggravated. Take acne or eczema, for example. Going to your dermatologist from the beginning of the pregnancy with your complete skin history is the best way to keep your skin conditions under check and healthy.

Note: When it comes to skin treatments or any ingredient that you put on your skin, proceed with caution and consult your doctor before you do.

Which of these skin changes have you noticed during your pregnancy? Book an appointment with us as we help you address your skin concerns through every stage of your pregnancy, giving you the confidence you need to be at your best! See which of our facial treatments suit you best by clicking here.

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