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If you are faced with painful groins during pregnancy, you aren’t alone. Studies have shown that up to 80 percent of women experience painful groins at some point during their pregnancy. Also known as pelvic pain, this kind of pain can range from minor aches to very serious complications that can last several days.

Symptoms of Painful Groins

Although the most common symptoms include pain in the groin and pubic area you may also experience

  • Hip pain and pain at the back of your pelvis
  • Pain between your legs or down the inside of your thighs
  • Clicking sensation around your pubic area
  • Pain that gets worse at night
  • Pain while walking, parting your legs or moving around the bed

What Causes Painful Groins and who is likely to experience it?

During pregnancy, your baby’s head is likely to go deeper into your pelvic area and press hard against your hip, bladder, and pelvis thus putting stress on your joints, bones and pelvis muscles. Since your body is expected to adapt very fast, if this does not happen you are likely to experience painful groins

You are more likely to suffer from painful groins if;

  • You have a history of pelvic girdle pain
  • You have previous pelvis injury
  • You’re involved in a physically demanding job
  • You’re smoking or experiencing emotional stress

Since this condition can turn out to be serious it’s important that you get an early diagnosis to avoid long term discomfort. If you start experiencing pain around your pelvic area you need to inform your doctor or obstetrician. You can also ask them to refer you to the best physiotherapist. While you may not completely get rid of the pain until the baby is born you can significantly minimize the symptoms through massage.

Getting Rid of Painful Groins through Prenatal Massage

If you’ve ever had a professional massage then you know that both your mind and body feel good afterward. This same thing applies to prenatal massage especially if you are faced with painful groins. But what is prenatal massage? This is the type of massage that occurs while you are lying on either your back or your side. When going for massage it’s important to choose a specialist who has over 16 hours of advanced training in maternal massage.

Prenatal Massage Techniques

During prenatal massaging, an experienced therapist will apply deep tissue massage along your groin, upper thighs and lower back so as to relieve you of the pain and relax the muscles. This will not only help bring back the flexibility to these areas but also release endorphins which are natural body painkillers.

After just one treatment, you’ll report instant relief and be able to sleep without a struggle. If you cannot get a qualified therapist you just need to lie down on your back and have your partner stroke up and down your back using lotion. Further, he should focus on the hip bone and the thighs while massaging you with a gentle pressure in a circular motion.

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Painful groins may be a reality during pregnancy especially as the delivery date draws closer. Thankfully, with the right prenatal massage techniques, you can relieve yourself of most of the symptoms. The idea is to seek special care from a qualified physical therapist. The good news is that this kind of pain normally subsidizes immediately after delivery.

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