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If there is one thing that gives women a life-changing experience, it’s motherhood and giving birth.  Due to this, mothers are constantly looking for ways to cope with the increasing demands of pregnancy as well as childbirth to help their bodies recover. One of the ways to do this is to use jamu paste for a postnatal massage.

One of the best ways to go about relieving the pain and aches is by going for a healing massage! A Postnatal Massage not only helps in alleviating neck and shoulder pain, other benefits also include restoring the health of the uterus, flush excess body fluids and hence reducing water retention and any swelling a mother may have, and also in weight loss.

But what’s the role of jamu paste in a postnatal massage?

Jamu paste is an herbal tonic made from a mixture of tree bark, roots, royal jelly, and honey and used to cure a number of ailments including fever and sore throat. It’s also used as a postnatal herbal treatment to bring spiritual, mental and psychological benefits to mothers after delivery. 

This treatment is popular especially in Asian countries such as Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Since the ingredient list usually changes depending on what it is brewed for, it does not have any specific recipe.

Why Jamu Paste is used as Postnatal Massage

Just like other massages, jamu massages boast of a number of benefits that are specifically focused on the mother’s wellness. Here are some of the benefits of Jamu massage:

Relaxes the Body

Since there is a contraction of the muscles and lactic acid build-up, the labor process can be quite exhausting for the mother. Thankfully, jamu massage can help to restore the body back to normal by considering all the stresses the woman has gone through after hours of labor and several months of pregnancy. This massage can also help relieve postpartum depression and mental wellness.

Gets Rid of Breast Engorgement

Immediately after giving birth, most mothers normally have a poor experience while breastfeeding their young ones. To counter this, jamu massages include breast massage. Through this massage, the milk duct can be cleared, the pain can be alleviated and they can have a better milk flow.  This makes it very important for mothers who intend to breastfeed their babies.

Eases Swelling and Strengthens Abdominal Muscles

The highlight of jamu massage is the uterus massage. Also known as Sengkak, uterus massage will significantly help to bring down the abdominal swelling after delivery by strengthening the abdominal muscles. This will also help the uterus to return back to its original shape.

Helps In Getting Rid of Pain

A lot of women have reported hip and back pain during pregnancy and after delivery. Since taking painkillers is not an option (especially if you are breastfeeding), jamu massage can help greatly. Since the massage increases the lymph drainage and blood circulation, it will naturally bring down the swelling and water retention, as well as boost your immunity.

Herbs and techniques used in a Jamu Massage

A jamu massage uses natural ingredients such as lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, cumin, and cinnamon.  Because of their healing properties, these herbs can help you get rid of any unwanted impurities and toxins in the body after delivery. The main techniques used for jamu massage include kneading techniques and long strokes. This is because they can significantly help bring the body back to shape, hence leading to weight loss.

Jamu Massage Process

To ensure conformability of the postnatal mother, jamu massage specialists and therapists prefer to provide the service at home. The massage starts with applying the herbal paste before gently massaging the body with kneads and long strokes. If you want to get the most from it you need to start it 5 to 7 days after normal birth, and up to 3 weeks for caesarean births. 

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Is Jamu Massage safe & effective?

While jamu massage may not have the backing of scientific research, several women have reported that they’ve benefitted greatly from the massage. 

As an alternative massage for women who have given birth, jamu massage can get the body to relax, clear the milk duct blockage and expel the wind. It can also be helpful in bringing down the post-pregnancy swelling. However, before practicing it, it’s important to take precautions and consult with your doctor.

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