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From pregnancy to before and after childbirth, and how to care for the newborn, it is a series of physiological and psychological adjustments for pregnant women and novice mothers. Whether it’s coping with physical burden or how to breastfeed after childbirth, moms are now easier to find expert help.

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It was the first time the event was held in Singapore, by Maternity & Baby Wellness Centre, [Beauty] Mums & Babies (“BMB”). It was especially organised for expecting mums, and as part of the brand’s 10th anniversary. It was also in conjunction of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month that took place in October, to extend their support. Simply, women empowerment at its best.


All in, I found the Bliss Facial to be a nice little treat for expecting mums and it helps that the space is calm, clean and cozy. It’s a very relaxing treatment — and indeed, I feel asleep during the face massage — and gentle enough for pregnant mums. My skin looked cleaner and brighter so I was pleased with the results.


Benefits of massage improve overall prenatal health for many pregnant women, and I do enjoy my session with Beauty. Mums & Babies. I’ve already scheduled my next few weeks to complete my full package before my 36 weeks.


Stretch marks, skin discolouration, ligament pains and feeling nauseous are just some of the many banes of being an expecting mother. But with the massages that Beauty Mums And [Babies] offers, you can expect the journey of motherhood to be a more comfortable one.

The Smart Local

All the therapists in Beauty Mums and Babies are Workforce Development Agency-certified in prenatal massage – so you can have peace of mind knowing that they are equipped with the knowledge and skillset to deliver a great massage experience. We also like that their store is conveniently located at Paragon Shopping Mall along Orchard Road, making it easy to pop in for a much-needed knead on a weekend after you’re done with your shopping. That’s what we call taking good care of both body and mind while pregnant.

Singapore Motherhood

For prenatal or postnatal massages, and a whole host of other services, head to this special Paragon spa totally designed around the needs of mamas! Only in fam-friendly Singapore, right? As well as treatments, you can also get yourself (and your tot!) educated at the various classes they run in baby massage, baby signing and much more!

Sassy Mama

For prenatal or postnatal massages, and a whole host of other services, head to this special Paragon spa totally designed around the needs of mamas.

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Beauty Mums & Babies helps massage away pregnancy tensions on special beds designed with mums and bumps in mind. Water soluble oils are used for pregnant mothers, and post-natal mums are not forgotten either. If you’re having breastfeeding issues, do pop a lactation massage onto your radar. Baby massage, baby hydrotherapy sessions and even baby care workshops are also available.

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