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Breastfeeding and lactation may seem difficult to some, but it might be easier than you think! It is also the best nutrition for a newborn, and provides a sense of empowerment to mummies seeing your babies thriving and growing on breast milk alone. During this period, mummy and baby relationships are also strongly forged. The sense of touch between a mother and child is developed, and the foundation of a healthy relationship is formed.


Amongst a whole list of benefits, breastfeeding is the ideal nutrition for a baby.

It protects your baby from diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes, celiac diseases, other chronic diseases and lower risks of various conditions such as infections and asthma.

Breastfeeding can also prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and lower the risk of cancer.

It also helps a couple save a lot more money than spending on milk powder.

You also stop menstruating for 6 months to a year after birth, which means you are not ovulating, and need not worry about post-pregnancy contraception if you are breastfeeding regularly.

Breastfeeding your baby also burns up to 500 calories a day! That contributes to a big part of losing that excess baby weight.

Overcoming problems

Breastfeeding while working may seem impossible, however it is definitely possible once you get the hang of it. Mummies just need to get a working schedule in order.

  1. Wake up slightly earlier than you usually do before work and get have a great breakfast.
  2. Breastfeed your baby before going to work.
  3. For the rest of the day, try to pump the night before and keep spares in the refrigerator.

A nursing mother needs all the support you can get – make sure that your husband and family is involved and helping you as much as possible, and find a suitable nanny or baby care center that meets your needs. If you face difficulties during lactation, rest assured, you can fix an appointment with our certified and experienced lactation consultants at Beauty Mums & Babies (BMB)!