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Pregnancy Skincare-ingredient

Being pregnant is a wonderful thing, but Pregnancy is also a time for extra precautions. It requires you to pay extra attention to many health-related challenges — Everything you eat, drink, apply or come into contact with may affect not only you but also your growing baby.

With a developing baby in your belly, it’s now a vital concern to also keep a lookout for “Red-Flag” ingredients in the skin care products & makeup you use. Some ingredients in cleansers, lotions, oils, creams & cosmetics have the capability of entering into the blood stream through the skin and can be potentially harmful to your unborn child.

Let’s take a look at these major unsafe ingredients to avoid during pregnancy & why:

Oxybenzone (Sunscreens)

  • What it is: A chemical used in many sunscreens, lotions, concealers & lip balms. Tests have shown these chemicals to be present in the bloodstream just a few hours following application.
  • How it harms: It is absorbed by your skin & could interfere with hormones in the body. It’s also been linked to low birth weight.
  • How to avoid it: Using sunscreens with gentle mineral actives of zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide (non nano), two common skin product ingredients that are considered safe during pregnancy and do not penetrate the skin. They are powerful physical sunscreens protection from both UVA and UVB rays.


Salicylic Acid (BHA or Beta hydroxy acid)

  • What it is: The active ingredient in many skincare products that helps treat & prevent skin disorders (pimples/blemishes). It’s common in skincare products used for exfoliating skin & cleansing pores (such as acne cream, facial soaps, creams, face/body peels, cleansers & toners)
  • How it harms: High doses of salicylic acid in oral form have been shown to cause birth defects & pregnancy complications. Experts & most doctors will advice pregnant women to avoid it.
  • How to avoid it: Exfoliants or products with glycolic acid or lactic acid (AHA) are safe alternatives during your pregnancy.


Retinol (Retin A or Topical Vitamin A)

  • What it is: Type of vitamin A that speeds up cell division (quickening your skin’s renewal) and prevent skin collagen from breaking down. It is used to treat fine lines, reduce wrinkles & improves skin tone. It’s common in anti-aging skincare/makeup products & spot treatments.
  • How it harms: Vitamin A can cause birth defects & liver toxicity in high doses. As an extra precaution, it’s advisable to avoid them if possible. If you’re on prenatal multivitamin which already contains vitamin A, stop using creams with retinol during pregnancy & breastfeeding. (Pregnant women are recommended to take 770 micrograms of vitamin A daily).
  • How to avoid it: Steer clear from family of products containing this ingredient & it’s derivatives — All forms of retinol.


If you realised you have used a product that contains one of the potentially harmful ingredients noted above, don’t panic! Simply stop using the product now & pick one with known-to-be-safe ingredients. There are many products that have been specially designed to be safe for use during the delicate pregnant state.

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