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The best way to provide relaxation to your body after delivery is to have a full body postnatal massage. For starters, postnatal massage will not only relieve you of pain but also melt away your stress after giving birth.

However, if you want to get the most from the postnatal massage you need to choose the best oils. Since you’ll be handling your baby most of the time, it’s important to choose oil that suits you and the baby.

When You Can Start Postnatal Massages

If you have gone through a normal delivery then you can have a postnatal massage 7 days after birth. For C–section, you may need to give yourself some time for your wound to heal. While this can be after 3 weeks, it’s important to consult with your gynaecologist or therapist first. To enjoy maximum benefits, you need to do this for at least 30 days.

Best Oils for Postnatal Massages

Mustard Oil

Considered a warming oil, mustard oil is believed to relieve joint pain and improve blood circulation. This oil has a warming effect that can significantly help with the healing process. Apart from its medicinal benefits, it’s also cheap and easily available in most salons.

Coconut Oil

Just like the fruit, coconut oil has a cooling and hydrating effect. Although it’s mostly used for head massages, it can also be used for the whole body. It comes with a unique feeling and pleasant smell that makes it one of the best postnatal massage oils out there.

Ginger Oil

A popular postnatal massage oil, ginger oil can help relieve pain, stimulate blood circulation and relieve sore muscles. Extracted from the rhizome of the ginger plant, this oil also has anti-inflammatory properties thus making it one of the best oils for a postnatal massage.  With its warm spicy scent, it’s quite suitable for topical application.

Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is a traditional oil of choice for self-massage. Since it’s rich in linoleic acid, it boasts of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. Further, it not only prevents the skin from getting dry but is also quite nourishing.

Almond Oil

Extracted from almonds this oil is less oily and glides easily on the skin. As compared to other oils out there it’s absorbed quite quickly thus does not leave your body greasy.

Lemongrass Oil

If you are looking for the best oil for soothing sore, tired and cramping muscles then lemongrass oil may be your best option. Since it also has warming properties, it not only dispels excess fluids but also stimulates the sluggish circulation of blood. The best part is that it can even help with fluid retention.

At BMB, our Postnatal massage oils are uniquely manufactured in Singapore for optimal results and ultimate relaxation for mothers. Contains Lemongrass & Ginger oil, it’s great for its superior water-dispersible properties, providing a better glide and rinses and cleans off easily in the shower or with a hot or warm towel.

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During childbirth, a woman’s body is usually strained and stretched a lot. This means a postnatal massage is quite beneficial during the body’s recovery process. If you are looking for the best oils you may consider the above. These oils are not only beneficial in the recovery process but are also safe to the skin. But before investing in these oils you need to speak to your doctor and ask whether they are the right oils for you.

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