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You’re finally meeting your bundle of joy! Just thinking about cradling him in your arms, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with endless love and happiness. Apart from cuddling, there are many ways you can bond with your baby – and research has proven its benefits, too.


Why You Should Bond With Your Baby

Studies have shown that babies who bond well with their mothers are less likely to suffer from despair. While most babies are ready to bond immediately, parents may have a different feeling about this. Some parents feel attached immediately, but others require time to do this.

Since bonding is a process, it cannot take place within a short time. Bonding, therefore, involves everyday caregiving. As a matter of fact, you may not even know that it’s taking place until you see the smile on your baby’s face. Here are 5 sure ways to bond with your baby.


How to Bond with Your Baby


  • Breastfeed Your Baby

If you are looking for the best opportunity to bond with your baby, then breastfeeding is the right option. While breastfeeding your baby he will snuggle close and takes in the sound of your heartbeat, smell, and the sensation of your touch.

This is also the best time to talk soothingly even as you gaze onto each other’s eyes.  Breastfeeding is the first way through which the baby learns to trust you. You need to hold him close and give him all the attention, nourishment, talking, touching among others.


  • Massage Your Baby

Daily baby massage is also a great way to bond with your baby. What’s more, studies have shown that massage may relieve colic, promote sleep, and improve your baby’s immune system. Since massaging your baby immediately after feeding may make them vomit you need to wait for at least 45 minutes.

If your baby becomes stiff in your arms or turns his head away from you, this is the right time to massage.  While massaging your baby, ensure that you create a calm atmosphere, control your touch, stay relaxed, and most importantly watch how he responds.

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  • Always Make Eye Contact with Your Baby

Although their eyes are still developing, babies can comfortably see up to 12 inches in front of them. So anytime you are holding or cuddling them ensure that hold his or her gaze.  Doing this will not only help them to recognize your features but also soothe and calm them.

Also, when you make meaningful eye contact with your baby, you’ll learn how to communicate with them as first as possible. They will also try to imitate your facial gestures and expressions. Sharing close face to face with your child will significantly boost your commutation


  • Form Little Routines with Your Young One

If there is something that babies love then its routines and repetitions. This not only gives them a sense of stability but also calm them down. By examining your baby’s reactions, movements, and expressions, you’ll start to know what they like and what they dislike. Once you find something they enjoy make sure you do it more.

For instance, you can start talking to them more, singing and sleeping with them. By talking or sleeping with them you are inviting them to be part of the relationship with you. He will also learn to filter all the information that he is receiving. Besides, since they love movement you should dance, rock or move them as much as possible.


  • Make Sure You and Your Partner Are the Main People Taking Care of Him

Just like breastfeeding that can help strengthen the bond between you and the baby, bottle feeding can also do wonders. In fact, it’s one way through which your partner can bond with the baby. So when feeding your baby, ensure that you and your partner play a huge role.

When feeding the baby he should hold him close and make good eye contact. He should also sing and speak to him softly and provide all the attention that he needs so that he can feel calm. Additionally, he should always be ready to respond to all the baby’s needs.

When it comes to bonding with your baby, the most important thing is to know is that you are enough. By carefully providing him with everything he needs, you’ll be creating that much-needed bond. This consistent comfort that you give him will ultimately boost their self-esteem and lifelong confidence. As you continue to become closer, you and your partner will enjoy a very sweet long-lasting relationship.


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