Here Are 6 Great Ways To Regain Your Shape After Pregnancy

Here Are 6 Great Ways To Regain Your Shape After Pregnancy

During pregnancy, women have a tendency to gain weight. It’s not just because of the cravings. They also need to eat more for the baby that is inside their womb. But after giving birth, they find themselves with excess pounds that they are dying to get rid of. This was certainly the case for a number of popular celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, and yet they were able to regain their beautiful figures. Do you want to know how they did it?

Here are the 6 great ways to regain your shape after pregnancy.

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Can Breastfeeding Help Me Regain My Shape After Pregnancy?

Good news – it can! Find out more with our very own Lactation & Breastfeeding Workshop, or drop us an email to inquire!

10 Benefits of Hydrotherapy to Pregnancy

10 Benefits of Hydrotherapy to Pregnancy

Looking for effective ways to accommodate your growing baby bump? Look no further, Aquatic exercise is one of the safest, most efficient forms of exercises out there! Working out in the water provides a natural form of resistance that challenges your muscles, whilst supporting you at the same time.  Here are 10 reasons why expecting mothers should get involved in aquatic exercise:  Delivery Benefits:

Maintain physical fitness to ensure you are prepared for the physical demands of childbirth. Hydrotherapy have been reported to reduce stress and pain during labour. Hydrotherapy is also something you can do at all stages of your pregnancy.

Core Strength, Stability, Posture:

Movement in water provides resistance to the core muscles which helps maintain correct posture. Aquatic exercise better prepares your abdominal for functional use compared to land-based exercise. Water enables for a larger variety of isolation exercises on the core muscles which is limited on the pregnant body on land.

Greater flexibility and balance: 

Providing assistance for upper and lower body motions, buoyancy is able to help enhance flexibility of tight and imbalanced muscle groups. This increases the range of motion with less discomfort than if attempted on land.

Low Impact

The density difference between water and the human body allows water to reduce the stress by up to 70% on your joints, bones, and muscles because of waters unloading property of buoyancy. This is a very safe and effective way to exercise for those who are pregnant as they can control the level at which they work. 

Less Painful Limbs: 

During pregnancy, the extra fluid in the body and the pressure from the growing uterus can cause swelling (or “edema”) in the ankles and feet. The swelling tends to get worse as a woman’s due date nears.

Water pressure helps reduce swelling. Research has shown that just being in the water can reduce swelling as effectively as drugs. Its was found that water activities have diuretic and edema-relieving effects similar to static immersion.

Improved Circulation

Varicose veins and hemorrhoids develop as a result of venous pressure; exercise in the water has been shown to reduce this venous pressure. The combination of water pressure and movement of the muscles will work as a pump to helps return blood from the veins in the limbs.


Pregnant women have an elevated core temperature and must be cautious about overheating themselves and the fetus during exercise, especially during the first trimester. Water that is an appropriate temperature (26 to 28 degree Celsius) help cool the body effectively during exercise.

Increased Metabolism: 

An appropriate diet during pregnancy is important for the mother’s health and for proper prenatal development. Since aquatic fitness allows you to safely remain active at all times throughout your pregnancy, it is easier to ensure your weight gain is “all baby” (baby, placenta, and amniotic fluid.) Not only are you more comfortable during your pregnancy, if you exercise regularly it makes it easier to regain your original figure after delivery! 

Eases Gastrointestinal Problems: 

With the growth of fetus, digestive system function may be affected. Movement and exercises will help to soothe the gastrointestinal problems.


Last but not least, aquatic exercise is a great way to help you get out of the house and meet other expecting Mums with similar interests and hobbies. 

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Prenatal Couple Yoga & its Benefits

Prenatal Couple Yoga & its Benefits

Prenatal couple yoga encourages a supportive and involved pregnancy for couples, bonding them in the journey of parenthood.  

Along with all the benefits of prenatal yoga, couple yoga has many more   bonuses: 

  • Involve the non-pregnant partner in the pregnancy journey
  • Build a deeper connection as a couple
  • Build stronger communication and intimacy
  • Cultivate emotional and physical support in your journey of partnership and parenthood.

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Prenatal Yoga & its Benefits

Prenatal Yoga & its Benefits

Why Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga is simple, effective and most of all beneficial to both the mind and body. Experience the wonderful advantages of yoga during pregnancy as it brings about relaxation with gentle movements, stretching and breathing techniques. The breathing techniques might help you reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and work through contractions during labor. 

Each maternity exercise or movement can be tailored to your needs. 

The ultimate goal? To ensure reduction in discomfort during your pregnancy journey, building strength and flexibility leading to the role of breath towards delivery.  

So, what does Prenatal Yoga do?

Our Prenatal yoga classes include a series of properly sequenced yoga asana, incorporation of voice sound, pranayama practice and end with a relaxation session to integrate the effects of the practice.  

The Benefits You will See 

  • Reduction of back pain / sciatic / general aches as the spine is better aligned 
  • Reduction of swelling and inflammation around joints  
  • Increment in Energy  
  • A healthier digestive system as the body is regulated 
  • Physically ready for childbirth as muscles of pelvic floor are toned up 
  • Improvement in emotional well-being  
  • Better breathing thus more oxygen is carried through the body and to the fetus 
  • Smoothen the delivery process as there is better control of the tension in the body 

Regular Yoga practices make pregnant women feel an overall sense of peace and harmony and better control of emotions. All our prenatal classes are conducted by qualified instructors and are held in small groups for better focus. Enjoy wonderful pregnancy workouts in the East of Singapore!

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May: #HelperAppreciationMonth with Sassy Mama

May: #HelperAppreciationMonth with Sassy Mama

“Giving back to foreign domestic workers with a range of services, products, and activities that can help improve their lives or just provide some additional joy and fun.”

Sassy Mama Singapore

Beauty Mums & Babies (BMB) struck a great opportunity to connect with more families and their helpers with Sassy Mama’s Helper Appreciation Month!

This year is the 4th year that Sassy Mama hosted this delightful event, as a way to show support and provide educational fun for families in Singapore. During the month of May, helpers can find an array of discounted healthcare services, free coffees and lifestyle services at promotional prices, and even several education modules and training courses to choose from!

These activities and freebies are just a few great ways to show our gratitude and support for our helpers and foreign domestic workers, and BMB is excited to share the benefits of our workshops with readers of Sassy Mama! During Education Week (17 to 24 May), we are offering 2 great workshops for all to enjoy and learn!

Sassy Mama Perk: The first 50 helpers to register for each of the below courses will receive a discounted price of $68 ($100 off regular rates!); register for both courses and pay just $128 total (U.P. $229). Promotion must be booked by 31 May 2019.

Express Infant Massage Course (Non-certified)

  • This 3-hour course is great for caretakers to learn the essential massage techniques for infants. Infant massage classes are a fun way to learn how to soothe and relieve tummy upset; how to understand the non-verbal language of babies, and much more.

Infant First-Aid Workshop

  • In this 120-minute course, caregivers receive vital first aid training to ensure baby’s safety. It’s an important way to understand the non-verbal language of children, especially infants who cannot express how they feel and what is wrong with them. The workshop also provides key tips for childproofing your home to ensure little one grows up in a safe environment.

How do I register?

Simply click the links above and quote SASSYMAMA at checkout! To register for both classes, just tick the “Add-on Infant First Aid” box after registering for Infant Massage here.

How do I register for both courses?

Get the best of both Infant Massage & First-Aid courses at $128 (U.P. $229)! Simply check the “1 session + 120-min First Aid Workshop” box and you’ve got both courses in your cart! Don’t forget to quote SASSYMAMA at checkout!

Please also note: Classes are conducted every Sunday from May through August. Each class can hold a maximum of 20 participants. Promo code only applies for the first 50 sign-ups for each course.

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