INDIBA® Deep Care


INDIBA®Deep Care uses a revolutionary new patented radiofrequency technology to regenerate body and skin tissues. The Proionic® radiofrequency stimulates and activates body tissues to perform at their optimal level.

INDIBA®Deep Care improves blood and oxygen flow through body tissues, encouraging cellular regeneration and increasing metabolism, helping you shed baby weight. With improvement in oxygen flow, the deep fat cells quickly lose volume, waste products are drained from the body and toxins and liquid retention is reduced. Hyperactivation of the body also increases the synthesis of collagen and elasticin, helping your stretched skin to regain its elasticity.



This treatment produces a dramatic improvement of skin laxity, moisture, smoothness and regeneration. The treatments are short and effective, perfect for a busy working mother.

This treatment is not suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

The treatment is effective for:

Wound drainage:
Accelerated healing of wounds

Skin Tightening:
Wrinkle reduction
Double chin correction
Improving skin laxity on face, neck and body

Body Contouring:
Abdomen, thighs and buttocks reduction
Upper arms tightening
Postpartum body contouring

Cellulite Reduction:
Reduction of fatty nodules


  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Comfortable and painless
  • Short duration
  • Proionic radiofrequency is completely harmless to the human body


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